Start Your Own Blog

Here are some links that can help get you the information you need to start your own fashion or beauty blog. After you’ve got your blog started, watch our Facebook events page for the next event you can join and meet other bloggers to inspire you!

Info about starting your fashion or beauty blog:

Choosing which program to create your blog with: via Independent Fashion Bloggers (Note: most local bloggers are using but there are other programs also.)

Basic info about starting a fashion blog: via Her Campus

How to make photos of your outfits for your blog: via Independent Fashion Bloggers (this video is a little long but the tips are useful)

6 tips to make your blog successful: via Modni Unie at Czech Original Fashion (in Czech language only)

Blog tools we love:

Polyvore: use it to add magazine-like mixes of clothing, accessories and text to your posts