Modni Unie represents the best fashion and beauty bloggers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Mission: To further the conversation about fashion in Czech Republic and Slovakia and to create a better awareness of fashion and local streetstyle.

Our website: ModniUnie.com is an easy place to keep up to date on what’s being discussed on “union members” blogs. Every hour ModniUnie.com posts new blog posts to its page. We just post one photo and a little text here because we think it’s best to click through to each individual blog and to experience the post the way the author intended. On ModniUnie.com you’ll also find a list of local bloggers, job offers in local media, a useful list of stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and information about how to start your own fashion or beauty blog. Soon you can keep updated through our newsletter which you can sign up for here.

Our Facebook page: Who doesn’t love a „like“? Find us at  www.facebook.com/modniunie

Our Twitter: Tweet tweet! “Follow” Modni Unie on Twitter at @modniunie

Our group seminars: We believe in sharing experience for free. At our group seminars bloggers are invited to come hear experts talk about their experience in the fashion and beauty industry. Past meetings have included experts in styling, writing for lifestyle magazines and creating videos for the web. Keep informed about future meetings here on our Facebook page.

Media relationships: Brands want to connect with bloggers. Bloggers want to connect with brands (attend their events, test their products, ask their experts questions for their blogs). Modni Unie helps to bring bloggers and brands together in the most thoughtful, ethical and interesting way. If you are a brand or media partner looking to connect with the best local bloggers please email us here.

Who: Modni Unie was founded in 2010 by Rachel Kanarowski, blogging veteran and former Editor-in-Chief at InStyle magazines’s Czech edition. Our social media intern is blogger Sandra Kisić.

For more information about Modni Unie please email us any time here.

 Logos: Support Modni Unie and use our logo on your page! Click on the image to access it in full size.

About the logo: The Modni Unie logo was created by Prague-based artist Trang Luongová.

„Trang Luongová is forever passing through the world, considering all forms of beauty. She likes Frida Kahlo (her biggest idol) and in recent times crazy artist CocoRosie. She collects interesting gold jewelry, loves amazing hairstyles, cherry blossoms, origami, creative advertising, fashion and design magazines. She would love to live either in the forest or in Japan — in the land of nature, purity, fragility and beauty. She likes all kinds of art exhibitions and she loves drawing and Photoshop.“

You can contact Trang to create something amazing for you or your brand here.